Product Description

SUPERIUM – Evolving Pole TechnologyThe SUPERIUM pole family is a culmination of 25 years’ experience designing and developing poles. We have an illustrious history when it comes to pole design stretching right back to 1992! Throughout our history, we have constantly learnt and developed pole ranges to suit modern trends and fishing scenarios. This constant development and thirst for perfection has lead us to reach the apex of pole design – SUPERIUM!

SUPERIUM – Top Kit Simplicity!
SUPERIUM is a true family of poles allowing you to interchange top kits no matter what pole you choose. So if you purchase a SUPERIUM X10, your top kits will interchange with our flagship X90 model. Crucially, the top kits are identical across the board. It was imperative to ensure that each pole performs at its very best. So, no cheap top kits just to fit a price!

SUPERIUM top kits feature the ever-popular Roller Pulla System and are supplied pre-bushed with the correct sized internal bush to suit the top kit style. The kits also feature the EVA elastic alignment cones that were so important to our Response poles and ensure perfect elastic performance.

All top kits also benefit from Depth Marker Indicators to allow for precise pole fishing, this is particularly important for F1 and shallow fishing where depth is key. We also simplified the spare kit options for SUPERIUM. Nothing is more confusing than looking to purchase a pole only to be greeted with a clutter of different kits. We looked at what top kits were actually necessary and we have:

Match Kit 2.4m – Two-piece top kits Featuring 2.2mm internal bushes and a reinforced wrap to allow the user to fit a Roller Pulla if required. Perfect for light elastics on natural waters and commercials.

F1 Kit 2.4m (standard and grey) – Two-Piece top kits Featuring a 3.7mm internal bush and pre-fitted with a Roller Pulla. Designed for medium strength elastics, ideal for F1s and smaller carp.

Carp Kit 2.4m – Two-piece kits featuring a 4mm internal bush and pre-fitted with a Roller Pulla. Super-strong top kits designed to deal with hard-fighting carp and heavier elastics.

F1 Short Kit (standard and grey) – One-piece 1.85m top kit pre-fitted with 3.7mm internal bush and Roller Pulla. Developed to target F1s and smaller carp.

SUPERIUM – Japanese Carbon Technology
We use only the finest Japanese carbon technology to produce the stiffest, strongest and most well-balanced poles possible. SUPERIUM poles are incredibly responsive even at long lengths yet offer strength and durability in abundance.

SUPERIUM – Modern Mandrel Design
The RESPONSE mandrel created some very stiff poles but we knew we could make SUPERIUM even better! We took what we learnt from the RESPONSE mandrel and tweaked it to produce the stiffest poles we possibly could. A slightly slimmer mandrel and different tapers combine to create peak rigidity in each model. The X90, X70, X50 and Carp models are all built on the same mandrel. While the X30, X20 and X10 have their own mandrel to ensure premium performance. All poles top kits interchange no matter which model you choose and anglers with Response poles can interchange the top 3 sections of their existing pole with any Superium model.

SUPERIUM – Built To Last!
Durability is everything when investing in high-class carbon and SUPERIUM benefits from our new joint-saving feature – DURA WRAP TECHNOLOGY. This impressive tech is designed to prolong the life of the poles joints even when the pole suffers intense usage. DURA WRAP also features on the poles butt sections to really toughen and strengthen the key areas that are put under extreme pressure.

SUPERIUM – A Pole For Every Occasion
There has been a SUPERIUM pole designed to excel no matter what style of fishing you are looking at doing or whatever budget you have. We have developed eight models in the SUPERIUM range, and each has been designed to be the very best it can be Whether you choose a SUPERIUM MARGIN or a SUPERIUM X90!

SUPERIUM – Easy Ship Finish
All SUPERIUM poles feature an Easy Ship Finish that makes pole handling easy no matter what weather conditions you are faced with.

SUPERIUM – True Length Design
Each pole in the range measures its true length when the reinforced mini extension is used. Far from a gimmick, these super-strong mini extensions will prevent any damage to those expensive butt sections whilst making sure you are fishing at full length.

SUPERIUM – Expansive Kit Packages
Anglers demand comprehensive spares packs and we have designed each spares package to perfectly suit each pole in the family. The flagship SUPERIUM X90 is supplied with a staggering 12 top kits and each pole is supplied with a quality SUPERIUM holdall!

SUPERIUM – Backwards Compatible!
Own a RESPONSE pole? Although we have tweaked the mandrel on the poles, the top three sections from RESPONSE poles will fit with SUPERIUM models.

The pinnacle of pole design. The SUPERIUM X90 is, quite simply, the finest pole we have ever developed. Incredibly stiff at all lengths making rig control precise and easy. The SUPERIUM X90 offers strength and durability previously only seen on cheaper poles. A beautiful pole that is the true flagship of the SUPERIUM series.

Superium X90 Package:
16m Pole Inc Mini Extension
Match Kit Supplied in pole
2 x Match Top 3 Kits (3.95m)
2 x Match Top 2 Kits (2.4m)
2 x F1 Kits (2.4m)
4 x Carp Kits (2.4m)
1 x Kup Kit
1 x Superium Holdall