Tubertini AP Power



Product Description

The ultimate in performance and quality. The AP Power 6000/8000’s represent the flagship reel in the UK Tubertini Sea Fishing Range. This high performance new reel is the natural evolution of close collaboration between Tubertini and Ryobi. The AP Power body is made totally of metal, the transmission shaft and inside mechanism sizes have been increased compared to similar models of Italian Applause series.

The reel is without an anti-reverse lever, Tubertini considered that during a fight with big fish it was at best useless, and worst a dangerous encumbrance.

The AP Power sports a beautify finished Aluminum handle with Hypalon ergonomic knob for ease of grip. The new external finishing’s and spool have undergone a double anodising process to be more rustproof.


Additional information

Weight 1 kg

6000, 8000