Tubertini Concept d



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Concept D, the Revolution! This reel will go down in history as the first one
with a patented system composed by 2 bails: in addition to the classic bail,
its innovation consist in a second fixed bail, designed to prevent the slip of
the monofilament or braided past between the rotor and the coil, avoiding
the annoying line twist on the shaft of the reel. As other models in our range,
this also has a small body and an oversized rotor made of polycarbonate and
magnesium, to increase rigidity and lightness, furthermore internal bearings
allow fast and flowing recoveries in any situation, both with Bolognese rods and
with match fishing rods, both in light and heavy spinning fishing as well as trout
fishing in lakes which will be surely enjoyed.

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6500, 5500, 4500, 3500, 2500

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