Preston Innovations Heximesh Plastic Bullet Feeders



Product Description

Hexmesh Bullet Feeders

We have worked extremely hard with England Feeder Internationals Lee Kerry and Mick Vials to develop this unique bullet feeder.

Unlike traditional bullet feeders which are manufactured from steel mesh, these feeders have a cleverly designed plastic mesh which offers unrivalled bait presentation.

Unlike traditional metal cage feeders the Hexmesh allows you use a wider variety of baits thanks to its enclosed plastic mesh and precision placed hexagon holes.

Damper Groundbait mixes and baits such as chopped worms can now be used with the added advantage of the bullet feeder styling allowing you to cast further than before!

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Small 20g, Small 30g, Small 40g, Small 50g, Medium 20g, Medium 30g, Medium 40g, Medium 50g, Medium 60g, Large 20g, Large 30g, Large 40g, Large 50g, Large 60g