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Guru N-Gauge 10 ft Pellet Waggler Rod


Product Description

10 ft Pellet Waggler

Two piece, 15 g casting weight.

A lightweight and balanced rod, with ample backbone for punching out pellet
wagglers and playing commercial fish. The short length makes it easy to handle
and maneuver, ideal when mugging fish in the summer or casting tight to
features at close range. The 10 ft Pellet Waggler maintains an absorbing
through action, taming all sizes of fish with ease.


High-quality components have been used throughout the range to create rods
with a balance of playing action, power, accuracy and comfort.
The handles are part cork and part Duplon, offering grip, durability and
comfort, while looking the part with the finishing Guru personal touches.

On the two Pellet Waggler Rods, we’ve used lighter weight single-leg reversed

guides, offering balance and lightness on these rods that are often in the hand
when busy fishing the Pellet Wag