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Penn 525 MAG 2

penn 525 mag 2 multiplier

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Product Description

The 525 series have always been a great ‘all round’ size of reel that you can trust for anything from distance casting on the shingle to battling big fish on the rocks. From dabs to tope the 525 has landed them all and the 525 MAG2 will surely continue this tradition on into the future.
Technical details
The forged and machined aluminium spool sits on a ‘live’ spindle which allows it to ‘free float’ for reduced drag and increased performance.
The spool is controlled by the all new patented adjustable magnetic brake which is adjusted by a dial on the left hand side plate.
The frame and side plates are made from lightweight but strong graphite.
The powerful 6 : 1 retrieve is provided by a large high strength marine grade bronze main gear which drives the stainless steel pinion gear.
The drag is an all new patented Versa-Drag system which uses the HT-100 washers and has a positive ‘click’ adjustment for precise control
6 shielded stainless steel ball bearings and infinite anti reverse help ensure that everything runs smoothly.
The 525 MAG2 weighs in at 414gm and has a capacity of 256m of 0.38mm nylon.

Features –
Adjustable magnetic casting control
6.0:1 retrieve
6 + 1 bearings
Aluminium Spool
HT100 Versa Drag System
Maximum Drag 6.75kg
Capacity 240yds x 18lb nylon
Maximum recovery 28” per turn

Additional Information

Weight 0.84 kg