Penn 535 Mag 2


Product Description

The 535 MAG2 is a powerful reel for handling big sized this in tough conditions. The narrow but deep spool has the capacity to hold 320yards of 20lb nylon but using heavier nylon will not be an issue should conditions dictate its use. Penn’s well proved adjustable magnetic breaking system keep the spool under perfect control and this together with the live spool spindle allow you to cast long distance with the same confidence as when lobbing a bait 20yds into a kelp filled gully.
Once you hook a fish the strong 6:1 gearing, stepped up 9kg HT100 versa drag system and large power handle help you to safely guide it shore. the larger spool diameter coupled with the fast retrieve has the advantage of giving you a retrieval of up to 42” per turn of the handle so terminal tackle can be quickly whipped up clear of snags.