PennSquall 50

penn squall 50LD


Product Description

This is the Penn Squall SQL50LD Lever Drag Conventional reel that holds 420 yds of 40 lb. test mono or 750 yds of 80 lb. test braid with a speed of 4.3:1. The Penn Versa-Handle™ system allows the angler to choose how long the Squall SQL50LD handle should be in less than a minute. Tools are included with each Squall Lever Drag Reel. Assemble the handle for the SQL50LD in the long position for more power or in the short position for more speed. The Penn SQL50LD Lever Drag Reel also features Spool Line Capacity Rings, eliminating the question of how much line is left on your reel.

Additional Information

Weight 1.07 kg