ripple ash vib



Product Description

The Ripple-Ash Vib! is a very high quality, Japanese ultra light/LRF vibration bait designed for both salt and fresh water species from wrasse to trout
On the retrieve the Vib! gives out intense vibrations due to the back mounted line attachment which fish find difficult to resist. The Vib! can be used on a sink and draw retrieve allowing it to fish though the water column and search out any predators. The 3D holographic finish is outstanding (Fry) and only adds to its fish catching capabilities product
This lure is a true ultra light at only 2.5g but it casts superbly due to its weight forward design and streamlined profile.

Additional information

Weight 0.021 kg

blue, light blue, green gold, read head, gold red


42mm, 50mm, 53mm