Stay Lucky With Yuki Part II

manacor rod pic 2

Last month we looked at the arrival of Yuki boat rods to the UK market. This month Gethyn Owen reveals three more of the extensive range that have had the ‘My Way’ testing treatment…

From a Portuguese base these Japanese-manufactured rods have been making quite an impact on the UK scene in recent years, with both boat and shore anglers eagerly anticipating each arrival of the range. I was discussing the April issue article with a friend recently and we were a little unsure how to define the small Ruby rods from Yuki. Apparently, I hadn’t quite ‘pigeon’ holed them. It’s a little hard to be honest, at only £20 it would be easy to suggest that they were merely a fun rod and not one to be taken too seriously. In reality, the Ruby rods would out perform many traditional downtide rods. They’re easy to use, powerful and offer the angler such a thrilling ride along the way, what more do you need? Kayak anglers for certain should be looking at these rods for the vast majority of their fishing. Being light and sensitive yet very strong, the Yuki Ruby range should be on top of the wish list for the money involved. What these particular rods lack fora small or charter boat situation is the length that would allow you to place your rod down. It is after all hard to stand all day holding the fishing rod while also needing to prepare bait, or your next rig, not to mention having a cuppa or a bite to eat. While eager to retain the sensitivity associated with the smaller rods we were keen to use rods similar to the ‘sensor tip’ styles that have taken a firm grip on the boat scene over many years now.Well-known manufacturers such asConoFlex, Fladen and Abu among many all having versions available over the years. In addition to the Ruby rods, Moonfleet Angling has imported a great selection of more traditionally sized rods from the Yuki camp, and through 2013 we had three of them aboard ‘My Way’ – the Yuki Manancor, Neox Sea Wolf and Neox Multi Tip rods, priced respectively at £70, £125, £133, there is a rod available for most pockets.

Yuki Manacor

The Yuki Manacor comes in two sizes – 2.4m and 3m (the latter £75). A four-piece rod, it also comes with a selection of four interchangeable tips rated at 1, 2, 3, and 4oz. It ismquite difficult with most rods to actually gauge the rating as you can handle quite a selection of weights and fish if you are careful in what you are doing, after all most rods are capable of snapping if incorrectly handled when retrieving your catch, or indeed while flicking the trace out to sea. The rod is extremely light and is perfectly matched with a narrow spooled Avet reel and 20lb braid. While general fishing for a varietyof species the bite detection on the Manacor was very obvious with the whole tip section bending through 45 degrees and showing clearly in the tip the fishing pulling at the bait and rig. During the first few outings we were merely fishing for whiting, dogs and dabs and we were able to watch the tip section clearly register the smallest of pin whiting with every bite. We have video available on our FB page (www.facebook. com/GOAngling) showing the bite detection of the rod in action. Once into May, it was smoothhound time aboard ‘My Way’ and we were able to put the rod through its paces while tackling somem of the more energetic fish located in our shallower waters. Fishing in 50ft close to the shoreline, smoothhounds often hit your bait and just keep running. To play such magnificent creatures on light gear you really need a forgiving rod or experienced anglers, both being preferable! The Yuki Manacor handled everything the smoothhounds could throw at them, and on two separate days afloat we tamed two hounds that both broke the magical 20lb mark. The rod performed extremely well, showing any interest there may be in the bait and during the fight, cushioning any sudden dives from the hounds. A word of warning though, the blank clearly has a couple flat spots when dealing with heavier stuff and could possibly benefit from a couple additional rings to spread the load more evenly along the blank. More of a general rod for targeting an assortment of smaller species, £75 buys you a lot of fun.

Yuki Neox Sea Wolf And Multi Tip

The Yuki Neox Sea Wolf is a twosection rod with the addition of two interchangeable rod tips, light and heavy. Featuring SiC rings, the rod is available in two lengths – 2.7m and 3m. The Yuki Neox Multi Tip is a three-section rod made from high modulus carbon and comes complete with three interchangeable tips, this rod is available in just the one size – 3 metres. Both the Sea Wolf and Multi Tip are very similar in their action to the Yuki Manacor, however fortunately neither appear to have the flat spots that spoiled our over all impression of the Manacor. Both rods are very similar and exhibit a clear backbone when playing larger species or double/ triple shots of inshore species. An immediate impression was that they are certainly built of sterner stuff than the lighter Mancaor, and would no doubt be able to take some additional abuse when fishing. The highly sensitive tips on both rods quite easily registered the smallest of bites while inshore fishing, even from hook-shy mini species on size 16 hooks. We did put all the tips from each rod through the paces at various stages of the year on general stuff such as gurnards, dogs and flatties and each one worked well. With no actual weight rating, they can be best described as being light to heavy, but in all honesty, every tip should be treated as light. They are sensitive and far lighter than any downtide or uptide rods available on the UK market. Plenty of anglers also put these rods through their paces when fishing in Holyhead Deep. Naturally we had to wait for the tide to ease off slightly, as they certainly weren’t manufactured with the idea of dangling 2lb of lead over the side. But when called upon, they were able to cope with alarming ease the resistance from good double-figure spurdogs, bull huss and small tope.